Friday, March 30, 2007

Random Person I Love Today

Saw this on Idolator and couldn't resist posting. Whoever posted this on Craigslist gets a heart fart from me.

"Silly me! I "accidentally" bought 4 Arcade fire tickets for the 5/8 show, forgetting that I hate humanity and all that is good about music. It really pisses me off when indie bands make a special effort to play at intimate venues, but I sure do love taking advantage of their fans' devotion. So, I am selling 4 seats, which may or may not be will call (I hope you like surprises). The price is the national debt for my two orchestra seats (price is per ticket), or the GNP of Burundi for my third mezzanine seats-- great view of the ceiling from there!"

I chose to sleep an extra 20 minutes this morning rather than engage any further in The Arcade Fire over-hype-brain-fuck. To quote a my 2am Myspace comment to Sarah, "
i'm over arcade fire united palae 175th st ticketbastard convinience charge wake up at 10 am to fight for assigned seating did i mention arcade fire bullshit." I feel accomplished.

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