Monday, March 5, 2007

Brain Fart

Sorry for the lack of posting. Life is hard y'all! I've been trying to upload pictures to show off but imeem is not working. Grrr. Someday, expect pictures from last week's Armory show as well as ones I took of The Thermals who rocked the socks off of Bowery Ballroom last night. Tomorrow I'm finally going to see Beach House and Grizzly Bear. Finally! The Horrors are playing on Friday but me thinks that show is going to hella lame. We shall see. My time is seriously non existent as I am trying to do five billion things before SXSW. Did I mention I'm leaving for Austin a week from tomorrow? Yeah. Figuring out day shows alone is giving me a brain tumor, I'm sure of it. All of that, plus I'm not really in a public sharing mood at this time. Trust me, there's a lot of good stuff going on...but you won't hear about it here. What can I share? There are some great leaks floating about that I may have picked up this morning. The Arcade Fire are currently trying to make up for being total hype whores...we'll see if I forgive them.

UPDATE: I just got my paws on The Horrors new album, Strange House, and I would like to eat my words. Friday's show will not be lame. I'm jazzed now.


shey said...

gah, can you stop rubbing sxsw in my face pleeeeease?!

shesarejector said...

keep rubbing sxsw in her face. pleeeeeeeeeease.