Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Alive!

Gogol Bordello

I just had one of the best weekends on record for sure because all I did was read Harry Potter and see Gogol Bordello. That is literally all I did...two of my favorite activities. I lost many bodily fluids in the process because I cried like a baby while reading and I don't think I've ever sweat as much in my whole life as I did in those two nights of Gogol Bordello. My better judgment forced me to opt out of the Siren Festival. The morning of, I had a whooping cough and once the mail man hand-delivered that beautiful giant book to me, I knew the only force that could pry me away from it would be this...

Amazingness. I may be crazy for going two nights in a row. I may be crazy for being up front in the mess of it all for every minute of it. And I may be crazy for a lot of other Gogol-related things. But now I have that video of Hütz to make me feel a little less crazy.

Gogol Bordello

Honestly, what can be said about this band? If you haven't seen them live, I suggest fixing that as soon as physically possible. As a great connoisseur of many a concert, I can tell you there is no other live experience that comes close. Listening to the albums or watching videos is nothing compared to giving into the full body hysteria of this show. Two days to chase them to Romania, kids!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Place your bets!

Can I survive through the weekend? Who knows these things? The next two days of my life are going to be rough and I'm hardly prepared. I knew it was coming and was planning on resting up this week. Queue the arrival of Jamie T, my stubborn ass wanting to show him a great time, and the return of my strep throat which I thought I had kicked a week ago. But never fear! I'm back on some prescriptions and I'm relying on them along with adrenaline to get me through the next 56 hours of Gogol Bordello, Bulgarian Bar, The Siren Music Festival, and...just to prove I'm completely crazy...more Gogol Bordello. Who in their right mind would go see that band two nights in a row? Who?! If I survive to Sunday, I'll be ready to snuggle up with my antibiotics and Harry Potter. I figured I've waited this long to read it, so waiting an extra 24 hours won't hurt...OK now you know I'm crazy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pool Party

Jamie T

Last night, Jamie T packed them in like sardines at Union Pool. The last time I was at Union Pool, I was not only being kicked out, but made to climb over a barbed wire fence in the process. Fond memories, indeed. It was nice to legally enjoy this place for the first time. Turns out to be quite the charming venue with a tiny old fashioned theatre, a great courtyard, and as you can see a real photo booth. Oh yeah...and some good tunes as well...

Jamie T

Monday, July 16, 2007


So this kid is back in town. Fun.


Courtney Love

Alright! Approved, I am. When Courtney Love played Hiro Ballroom last Thursday, only a few pre-approved brats like myself were allowed to document it. Let's just ignore the fact that the show was packed with amateur photographers snapping away with everything from Canons to Sidekicks. So what made me so special? Well I got to watch soundcheck and I got to go backstage after. Let's also ignore the fact that I was forbidden to snap any pictures once given these privilages. If it was an artist I actually had an interest in, I'm sure I'd be more upset. Luckily...

Courtney Love

I was covering the event for imeem and though I may not love Love, it certainly beats a desk by a mile. Mile and a half even! One of many highlights from the evening was finding out that Courtney Love's new guitarist happened to be former Larrikin Love guitarist, Miko Larkin. So pleased I was to see a member of a dear departed band I thought I'd never hear from again. I think he was equally pleased to meet an American who actually knew who he was. Another highlight was meeting BP Fallon and having him tell me I had an "amazing vibe" only to mishear him and thank him for complimenting my bag.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


La Prohibida

I'm not able to share pictures from Courtney Love's show yet because they have to be pre-approved. Luckily, La Prohibida performed at Nacotheque last night and she doesn't demand her pictures to be pre-approved because she knows she looks good.

Earlier in the evening, after enjoying a bit of Menomena at South Street Seaport, I was kidnapped by a dozen Asian girls. They promptly took me to the West Village and force fed me vodka and champagne.

It was after this when we all stumbled down to Don Hill's for a a very special gigantic Friday Nacotheque.

Around 3AM, Raphael and I found it necissary to go over to Mehanata. This wee hour of the morning is usually the best time to pay a visit to the Bulgarian Bar if there's a good party, however we decided it was a better idea just to sit in the middle of the sidewalk outside. By this time, I had also deemed it necissary to wear huge glasses.

I'm planning on dying of exhaustian on the Bulgarian Bar floor next week after engaging in a debauched 48 hours of madness courtesy of some crazy old men. Speaking of Madonna, have you seen this?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Them Virgins

The Virgins

Tuesday night was a giant never ending benefit party at St. Mark's Church. It was seemingly packed with every hipster in the metropolitan area, but not in the annoyingly intense way you might expect. It was good fun. People just hung out in the garden a little tipsy while most of the bands played inside. A little past 2AM,
The Virgins started playing causing everyone to pile into the church and go crazy for them. Mass hallucination at its very best. They're a good band...but are they that good? Whether their catchy tunes warranted it or not, the crowd reaction is really what made this show great.

The Virgins

Yesterday, I woke up with a 102 fever. Good times.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Church Party

Last night was mental. More on this later. For now, enjoy a clip of The Virgins in action.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Under My Umbrella...ella

After avoiding going out and partying for a week, I crawled out of my cave on Friday to go see Daylight's for the Birds play at Cake Shop. It was the debut of their highly anticipated (by me) cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella" hence the short clip up there. A few photos on my Flickr as well.

I left Cake Shop for Fat Baby to go meet up my long lost brother, Travis, who I barely get to see nowadays because he is nursing dear Dante back to health in Philly. Walking through Fat Baby on a Friday night is like date rape city! The L.E.S. in general has become a vortex into bridge and tunnel hell. But apparently that does little to stop us kooks from going to Ruff Club. I stood in the Annex basement completely sober for about a half hour, explaining my theory that you have to take several weeks off from Ruff Club to forget how awful it is until you eventually wind up there again, before I went home and slept like a bay bay.

Speaking of the dearest side of the lower east, remember the photoshoot I did for Vice to be a L.E.S. Sim? Well, the website for it is up HERE. I really wanted to register so I could see my character but apparently it's full and no more people can sign up now. Damn! It is seriously the creepiest thing imaginable. The fact that some guy in middle America could use a virtual me to to virtually dance at virtual 205 or virtually shop at virtual American Apparel doesn't exactly sit well with me. Gawker puts it oh so well.

Moving on! Looking for an apartment in NYC is just about my least favorite activity. It's the kind of activity that appeals to someone who likes fishing in the desert. After a frustrating day, I told myself I would stay in and relax which is always the beginning to a wild night out. The roof of my building was invaded by Long Island and I decided it was time to jet. I met up with some friends at a new bar that was right next to a horrible closet apartment I had looked at hours before. When there was a break in the rain, a few of us went to Home Sweet Home for those
Young Lords' new night. This is the new Saturday night for sure. If the real L.E.S. is making you feel more like you live in Vice's V.L.E.S, you should try out this party because it's fun without being too intense to have a sit down.

That's really all the excitement I have to share. My two main activities of the moment are looking for an apartment and stressing over looking for an apartment. One day I'll be back to normal...or closer to it.