Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jamie T is Fun

Jamie T

Last night was spent trying to show some kid carrying around a bass guitar a good time. The kid happened to be Jamie T and it was his last night in the states before heading back across the pond. The night started well with his acoustic set at Mercury Lounge and a full blown singalong. Much to the dismay of the attendees, Jamie T was not the headliner and couldn't play as long as we would have liked. To fix our need for more Jamie T, we headed over to Mo Pitkin's open mic night where he treated the small crowd to a hilarious half stand-up version of "Bass Guitar". The night continued with frolicking about, much debauched behavior, and the constant flash of Jamie's camera as he tried to catch us in our most candid moments. And I thought I took a lot of pictures. Click the caption to see the full set of pictures.

Hi Tiye, drunk much?


Brunette Baby said...

Awwww. Those pictures are great! I'm so sleepy now...

shey said...

fun! you are such a rockstar.