Sunday, March 11, 2007


Full Set at imeem

Having seen The Horrors play before, I knew it would be short. I think last night clocked in under 25 minutes...but a good show at that. Bowery Ballroom is definitely the perfect venue for these guys. Faris has stage diving skills that could only be accomplished by a person so waifish. At one point, he dragged himself and the mic chord all the way to the back, climbed on the bar, nicked a bottle of booze, stomped back to the stage, and flung the bottle 30 feet in the air. I hope no one got hurt cause it was pretty ace. While watching The Horrors perform, one can't help but think that they're the shit. Unfortunately, as soon as the set ends, one can't help but think "WTF?! That was so short!" At least I ended up taking some my favorite pictures ever. The whole set is here.

After the horrorshow, I went to Studio B to see Simian Mobile Disco. I didn't bring my camera, but Rafael lent me his so I could play "survival of the hippest" with all of the scenesters. Upon leaving, I was horrified to look at my watch and see that it was 5am. Then I remembered it was daylight savings and felt slightly better.

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