Sunday, March 25, 2007

Faris Rotter is My Hero

This is a bit late, but better late than never. By the time I saw The Horrors play last November at Studio B, their hype was overwhelming their demos. Sure they put on a good 18 minute show, but I wasn't sure it was worth all the hoopla. I was much more impressed with their show at Bowery a few weeks ago. But it wasn't until I blagged my friends and my way into their day show at SXSW that I was truly won over.

I'm only sharing that crap picture because I thought it was funny that I cobrasnaked The Cobrasnake. That picture was taken right after I smashed my Polaroid to bits and right before we managed to end up front and center where I was too jazzed to be bothered with the camera. Though I missed seeing it, I was informed that Ultragrrrl was literally thrown off the stage by Faris. 50 cool points to Faris, already.

Once we were in the middle of the slow-motion (I shit you not) mosh pit, a little indie kid near by lit a ciggy. Cue mad-eyed 300 pound bouncer barrelling in, scaring all the scene kids out of their wits, violently grabbing little indie kid smoker by the collar to pull him out. As all of this was happening, if one were to look up, they would see Faris Rotter creeping slowly to the edge of the stage with a twisted look in his eye. The bouncer had only pulled little indie kid smoker about five feet before Faris leaped off of the stage and onto said bouncers head. Automatic 1000 cool points awarded to Mr. Rotter. Little indie kid smoker was let go by the bouncer who disappeared off to some corner with his bruised ego while Faris ran to the back of the tent to take down a police barricade. He brought it to the middle of the floor, slammed it down, and used it as a stage.

The show was over no more than 2 minutes later, but every kid in that room was wearing the biggest shit-eating grin of their lives. Having now seen The Horrors play three times, it was that tiny show in Austin that earned their hype for me.


Sarah said...

ha! for the record, faris and i are friends (they're on stolen transmission - the label i co-founded). the whole thing was staged/planned... it wasn't done with animosity. however, it hurt like a fucking bitch!

Tiye said...

well done, then.

Brunette Baby said...

Woah woah, Ultrgrrrl is commenting on your blog Tiye. I think you've hit the big time.