Friday, March 30, 2007

Bloc Party

Tonight I went to Canada or, as some call it, 175th street. It was by far the most poorly managed show in the history of the universe. Sure, it was the first rock concert at the United Palace Theatre, but it would really help me out if this venue would employ people who had a few more brain cells. Ticketbastard could do the same because, as I found out waiting in the will call line for over a half hour, I wasn't the only person who had their tickets lost in the mail. So much for all of those convenience charges. A bad night for scalpers as well as the streets were filled with people trying to sell their tickets. So much supply and so little demand, I ended up being handed two tickets for free. Crap seats though and I had front row at will call.

By the time we got in, Albert Hammond, Jr. was half done with his set. Eff! Sarah and I tried our best to bounce about in our seats, but sitting really doesn't make sense at a concert. Talking to some of the security guards made us alert to the fact that they were all working their first night. *evil Mr. Burns gesture* Fast forward to Bloc Party coming on and everyone politely standing in front of their assigned seats until Gordon, aka Bloc bass, told everyone to stand closer. As soon as we did, the security tried to get everyone back to their seats. "But sir, you just told me it was your first night working concert security. Isn't it my duty as a mischievous young brat to fuck with you?" And I did. I just didn't move despite being poked a few times. Eventually they got word from backstage to let everyone up to the stage...which was still ten feet away from the band...but an improvement. "This isn't a Snow Patrol concert," Gordon announced.

The actual show part of the show was fantastic switching between mad dancing and slow swaying. The new stuff is good, but really pales compared to Silent Alarm. Fittingly, plaster started to fall on the band during their set. Well done, United Palace Theatre. You are truly pioneering new frontiers of utter shittiness. With some big acts coming up (The Stooges, Bjork, The Arcade Fire) and their hardcore fans, this venue better get their shit together fast. As for me, I'm staying downtown...forever.

I ended up taking some good pictures and I'll upload them tomorrow, but here are a few favorites...

UPDATE: My full set of pictures are now up on Flickr

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