Thursday, July 19, 2007

Place your bets!

Can I survive through the weekend? Who knows these things? The next two days of my life are going to be rough and I'm hardly prepared. I knew it was coming and was planning on resting up this week. Queue the arrival of Jamie T, my stubborn ass wanting to show him a great time, and the return of my strep throat which I thought I had kicked a week ago. But never fear! I'm back on some prescriptions and I'm relying on them along with adrenaline to get me through the next 56 hours of Gogol Bordello, Bulgarian Bar, The Siren Music Festival, and...just to prove I'm completely crazy...more Gogol Bordello. Who in their right mind would go see that band two nights in a row? Who?! If I survive to Sunday, I'll be ready to snuggle up with my antibiotics and Harry Potter. I figured I've waited this long to read it, so waiting an extra 24 hours won't hurt...OK now you know I'm crazy.

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