Sunday, April 15, 2007

Holy Water

Saw The Gossip last night. Beth Ditto wore a gold lamé dress. It was the hotness to say the least. After, I was supposed to hang out with my Swedish friend and his really hot visiting Swedish friend but I was tired and a half by the time I got home and just went to bed. This morning I was met with a voicemail box filled with the funniest Swedish drunk dials ever. Good times.

New York is about five feet under water right now and I hear it's about to get worse. I was out a few hours ago and the puddles are deep enough to almost go over my wellies. Part of me would really love to Swedish it up right now and the other part is thinking it's DVD time instead. Yesterday, I watched
Happiness of the Katakuris for one of my classes and that was some effed up shit. Now, I need something like Harry Potter to cleanse my pallet.

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