Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jarvis (or asdfghjkl;')

Jarvis Cocker

Really, what can be said? Jarvis Cocker is a legend and I was thrilled to see him perform just like I've always imagined. He takes top prizes in both dance moves and stage banter. He spoke about how being inside Webster Hall felt like being inside a pyramid where milk stays fresh and razor blades stay sharp which would be worthless to the ancient Egyptians who, according to Jarvis, did not shave. What that has to do with anything whatsoever, I don't really know. Click the caption for the full set of photos.

After the show was a very debauched night, indeed. Bouncing around the Lower East Side until the wee hours of the morning has become a frequent pastime. I got to meet Jarvis and briefly shower him with praise at zee Annex followed by hours of absolute ridiculousness.

After a brief slumber, I took pictures of Travis looking like Christian Bale...

and a few of us in our matchy matchy outfits...

We got up early to soak in the perfect weather with the hope it might cure our hangovers. It helped but now I'm about to collapse. I'm really only writing this because I'm in the midst of a shitload of homework which I should be getting back to....now.

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shey said...

brilliant matching outfits.