Tuesday, April 10, 2007


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This week is going to be super busy and you'll be lucky if a post pops up on here, but I just wanted to use this brief time I have over breakfast to indulge in a little gossip. As you may know, I was out of town visiting the parents last weekend. Patrick Wolf was playing his third NYC show at Misshapes and I normally wouldn't want to apply the word "miss" to a Saturday at Don Hill's but from what I've heard, I missed seeing some major drama. Damn!

Before I get into it, I just want to note that when I was home vegging out with the parents, I watched an episode of The Office they had recorded for me where Dwight uses mace on Roy. The whole episode, Angela goes around the office asking everyone to recount the story to her over and over again. Anyway, I was so Angela yesterday once I heard this story and I made everyone recount it to me and I hope if you are reading this you will tell me your version of the story too because I'm crazy like that.

llow me to be an immature gossip and recount the events that I did not witness: Apparently Patrick flipped out at Zach (his drummer) on stage, trash talked him into the mic, bitch slapped him, and when Zach talked back, Patrick threw a cymbal at him and fired him in front of a room filled with drunk underage hipsters. DRAMA! Misshapes ruins everything!!! I love Patrick more than I can say, but this is true sadness because Zach is the nicest of the nice. I shed a single tear for him when I heard. I hope both of those boys work out their daddy issues.

Wow. The New York Times actually wrote an article on this.

Moving on...KLAXONS! Tonight.


shey said...


shey said...

i've bascially spent all day calling people who freaked out patrick wolf or telling people i was going to wolf them if they didnt quit pissing me off.

thats the new phrase.

calm down or im gonna Wolf you!
:picks up cymbal: