Saturday, April 14, 2007

Now that's more like it!

Yesterday, I was in a sour mood and the cynical part of me was already planning to title this entry "Klaxons Mehnia" as the whole week had been a bit of a disappointment. Of course, you readers must adjust to Tiye's meaning of disappointment which is basically anything less than over the moon and back again. I have high standards, what can I say? High standards that were not being met after I went two for two with crowded pretentious parties earlier in the week.

Knowing I wanted to catch Bonde Do Role, I breezed into Studio B around what I thought was a frighteningly early time only to be met by the most packed crowd I've ever witnessed there. Despite the insane crowd and the scorching temperature, Bonde Do Role were fantastic fun and tempered my bad mood a bit. Cue the end of their set and standing around looking at strobe lights for half an hour getting more and more ticked off.

A century later, Klaxons finally took the stage. I watched the first half of the set from a perch on the side of the DJ booth and the second half on the far side of the stage. That venue always has interesting ways to get a great view. Klaxons definitely abolished any thought of me calling them "meh" last night. It was a perfect venue and, despite being packed, an amazing crowd. The show seemed to enter a higher realm when they played Magick. After stretching out the pause at the climax, they kicked back into the song at double the volume and the room erupted. People were going nuts and it fed into the energy of the performance. Let me just take this opportunity to thank the sound guy at Studio B. Amazing.

After the show, me and my band of outsiders embarrassed ourselves a few times by trying to chase down cabs until we gave up and walked over to Royal Oak. After some quality time there, some of us went to 3rd Ward for a rave. It was pretty awesome, but it seemed that everyone there had taken all the free drugs before we got there leaving us to wander the delirious halls a bit too sober until we decided to jet. It was a pretty fun night. No pictures...from anyone apparently. Use your imaginations!

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shey said...

i'm glad you found a cure for your sourness.