Friday, April 6, 2007

Magic Patrick

Patrick Wolf

Last night Patrick Wolf played at Hiro Ballroom...for free! There was no way I was missing this. If anyone knew how crazy about Patrick I really was, I'm sure they would be very frightened of me...which I conveniently told Mr. Wolf last night. Good times.

I was jazzed out of my mind just to see him play. I, of course, wiggled my way to the very front totally disregarding the fact that I am at least six inches taller than most of the crowd. When he came onstage dressed in black, it was more surreal to me than seeing Iggy. Patrick Wolf...*mind blown*

After one song he stripped down to his sequence shirt and torn shorts. He played new songs as well as golden oldies like "The Child Catcher" and "Tristan". If there was any tenth of a percentage of me not totally gaga over him, it was completely abolished when Patrick sat down at the keyboard and treated everyone to his rendition of "Moon River".

Patrick Wolf

I am seriously having problems coming up for words about how great it was. Plus, you should be able to tell by now that this is a drunk blog. I never drink cognac and that's all that there was in the greenroom when Travis and I went back there to terrorize everyone.

Tonight Patrick is playing at Studio B and it will be the shit. Be there, find me, and don't be surprised if I rewrite this entire thing once I sober up. Click the captions for more pictures.

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