Thursday, January 18, 2007


My mom has been watching All My Children since always, at least in my lifetime. It is the only soap opera on earth she watches and she watches it religiously. Because she normally records it to watch it later without commercials, I've had varying degrees of exposure to this show. I used to be pretty familiar with the characters back in the day when Gillian and Ryan were together. My earliest memory was when Edmund rescued Brooke from quicksand. Damn! I really could have done without her annoying ass all these years!

Fast forward to present day, the only time I ever get to see All My Children is when I go visit my parents in DC. In the morning, my mom will turn on yesterday's Tivo'd All My Children. She watches every scene and never wants to fast forward dumb and boring ones which drives me crazy, but probably not as crazy as I drive her. In my mind, I think that she won't mind my running commentary of all things ridiculous throughout the whole episode because, after all, it is only once in a while she watches an episode with me. In truth, it annoys the hell out of her...or so she says. It's normally towards the third commercial break after I've been making fun of all things Adam Chandler and Erica Kane that she tells me that I'm impossible along with some wave of her arms strategically matched with a roll of her eyes to which I respond with something along the lines of "You'll miss me when I'm not here to talk through it!" If I finesse it just right, by the end of the show, she's making fun of it with me turning us into some kind of pseudo Mystery Science All My Children Theatre. For example, the last time we watched an episode together (either at Thanksgiving or Christmas) J.R. was in the hospital and Babe went into talk with him while he silently gave her the death stare until he asked for a cup of water. At this point I shouted "Dump it on her head!" One dramatic beat later and J.R. tossed that water in Babe's face with such flourish it would make anyone proud. Pure soap operatic magic, I say.

The point of all this is, while I haven't seen All My Children a very long time (in soap opera years), I'm going to visit my parents in a little over a week from now and I must say that I cannot wait to watch it because of Zarf.

Who is this Zarf, you ask? According to Wikipedia:

"Zoe was introduced in August of 2006 as an international rock star, when Babe Carey and Josh Madden approached her to use some of her music in an ad campaign for Fusion. Zoe returned to the show November 29th, 2006 and will be undergoing male to female gender reassignment, apparently sometime in 2007. When she first came to Pine Valley she was naked at Fusion. Then she fell in love with Bianca, who is a lesbian. Zach Slater thinks that Zoe killed Simone Torres and Erin Lavery, two Fusion employees. She also wants Josh Madden and Babe Chandler together."

OMG! Simone is dead?! This tells you how much I watch the show because I have no idea who most of those characters are. Even though I have had no opportunity to see the show, I have heard all about Zarf thanks to Best Week Ever posting video clips of this amazing performance online. I think there's around seven clips here but it's hard to improve on the first one that made me fall in love with Zarf/Zoe:


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