Friday, January 19, 2007


One of the great things about SXSW, besides the actual festival itself, is the fact that leading up to it many many great bands play shows just before or after. The thing that drives me crazy is that these shows are all announced within the same few weeks and it's stressing me out with fear that a really great one might sell out before I even hear about it. In fact, I saved myself from a terrible missed opportunity just minutes ago.

It all started yesterday. I was at home congratulating myself on my decision to purchase tickets to see Bloc Party and Albert Hammond, Jr. The reason I deserved this self-congratulations is I could have bought presale tickets and didn't, but my tentativeness caused me to miss out which actually ended up working in my favor because the tickets I ended up getting are front row. I normally hate assigned seating (or seating at all) at concerts, but so long as I am assigned to the front, I'm a happy camper. SO I was doing something along the lines of humming to myself with glee when I found out that LCD Soundsystem tickets were going on sale only to look down at the date and see it was the same day as Bloc Party! Near tears, I was in. But I knew that there could not just be one NYC date for LCD Soundsystem. No way! Tickets ended up selling out in an hour and a second day was added. I made some victorious gesture, snatched up a ticket, and all is zen.

I have a dozen concerts lined up leading up to and after SXSW so far. Today's major dilemma would concern February 10th. Hmm what to do? The three options are as follows:

1. The Plug Awards at Irving Plaza. David Cross hosts and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Deerhoof, Silversun Pickups, EL-P, and Tokyo Police Club perform. Pretty sweet, huh?

2. The Rapture and Locksley. Sounds great but the twist is that it's in Boston. Boo!

3. Just announced, Lily Allen at Webster Hall. We all know how I feel about Lily, now.

Eff. I really shouldn't stress so much because if I miss someone, I can probably try and catch them in Austin, but one must take into account 30 minute sets, crazy schedules, and overall drunkenness lurking in that Texas setting. I need to stop writing and go off and be zen ;)

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