Monday, January 15, 2007

How can I not watch this?

The Golden Globes are on right now and like all award ceremonies, they're horrendously intolerable for countless reasons, and yet I'm watching them. Thirty-five minutes in, it's not too bad cause this guy just won something:

Huzzah! Between that, the lack of an annoying host, the endless parade of bad fashion, and the gradually increasing blood alcohol levels in the room, this show is almost tolerable...almost...whenever it gets boring, I just hit mute and look at people losing their damn minds:

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Seriously, WTF?


shey said...

haha i totally thought of that picture when he won too.

i stopped watching because its just too much talking for me to handle. im just going to wait for them to post the list.

:puts on the west wing:

order restored.

shesarejector said...

does anyone else want to punch warren beatty in the face or is that just me?