Friday, January 12, 2007

Alright, Still

I started listening to Lily Allen way back in the Myspace days before she was ever in one issue of the NME (please use this time to bask in my hipness :). Then I was in the UK when she blew up. Her album was number one, she was in every magazine, and her face was plastered on every wall of every tube station in London. I was sick to death with hearing about her! My own personal minibacklash formed in my head and that was that...I was so OVER Lily Allen.

This was me:

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BUT! After a long period of paying no attention to Lily Allen, I slowly started to give her another chance. I wasn't telling anyone my dirty little secret in fear that it might ruin my indie cred. I would listen to a few songs here or there just to get that little high when I needed it and, over the last few months, I have gradually been won back over. My best efforts will be given to see her at SXSW and if this report from the NME is true, it looks like I might actually be spending cold hard cash on her! Shock and awe, my friends.

Alright, Still hits stateside at the end of this month, so expect an mp3 of my horrible attempt at a Lily Allen remix up here sometime after that. Until then, enjoy this commercial she made for the devil!

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shey said...

you have lost 3 indie streetcred points. move back one space.