Saturday, January 20, 2007

Double Yew Tea Eff Mate

You know when you first wake up and you're lying in bed and though you are awake, you have a dream-like train of thought that comes out at what seems to be a veritable conclusion? You get out of bed and normally just forget about it most days like a dream and never think about it again. But there's that one day every once in a while, hours after you have gotten up, when you remember the conclusion to your wild train of thought and it's completely absurd because you cannot remember what led you to that conclusion and you end up thinking to yourself, "Am I on crack?"...unless I'm the only person who this happens to...In any case, I'll continue my explanation.

About ten hours after I woke up this morning, I found myself sitting in this very spot where I sit now, checking my email, when for no reason in particular I thought of Frankenstein. Why Frankenstein? I couldn't figure it out. Wasn't I just thinking about Frankenstein for some reason? Why was that? After a good 30 seconds or so I remembered this morning's absurd conclusion...and it's a doozie:

"All these new rockabilly bands put together are like Frankenstein!"

This is the part of the story where I ask myself if I am smoking crack. I know I was using Frankenstein as a metaphor and not simply commenting on The Horrors, but beyond that I'm lost. How I came to this conclusion in my dream-like thought processing this morning, I may never know, but I clearly remember thinking the above statement was a unarguable truth and for some reason I felt it was appropriate to share that with you right now.

Please try and forget about my insanity while you listen to some sweet "neu rockabilly" tracks via imeem and maybe it will make more all of us.

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