Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Family Fun

Last night, after some serious rule bending, Eric and I saw Akron/Family play at Bowery Ballroom. The two of us don't exactly have the best history of success with this sort of thing, so I was relieved when we got inside unscathed. I had never heard Akron/Family before and I found them pretty impressive. They were like voodoo bluegrass sonic animal youth collective...only not as good as that. Don't get me wrong, they were really good but voodoo bluegrass sonic animal youth collective sounds like the best sounding thing in the world that certainly would have melted my brain five times. It was amazing how into it the kids at this show were...certainly the biggest audience reaction to a band I've seen since Gogol Bordello...maybe not quite that intense, but seeing a bunch of white kids break out into tribal dance seemed pretty intense at the time.

When I got back last night, I nearly cried when I found out that The Pigeon Detectives had played Knitting Factory with The Rakes. This morning I see they have decided to make it a two night affair. Small problem...Franz Ferdinand. Dear Franz, please finish your set before 11pm so I have a chance to run down to Tribeca and see The Pigeon Detectives. Pleasepleasepleaseplease!!! Hmm, I hope that works. I saw The Pigeon Detective at SXSW and they were the shit. Great live band.

Earlier in the day, I went to the Museum Mile Festival for the free museums and block party only there was torrential rain leaving me with Poiret and two inches of water in my shoes.

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