Thursday, February 1, 2007

Maxïmo Cheap

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Tonight, with the intention of buying a dirt cheap Phil Spector box set, I drifted into my local Virgin Megastore. I'm thinking the low prices at Virgin are related to the recent death of Tower and of course, the impending doom of the record industry in general. Huzzah! These things come in threes after all. The point is, with these ridiculously low prices, I couldn't help but hoard a bit of music even if that meant *gasp* exchanging currency for it. My proudest purchase of the night is playing on my turntable as I type. I paid a whopping $2 for the limited edition turquoise vinyl single for "I Want You to Stay" by Maxïmo Park. *bows* Two dollars, people! And one of my favorite songs to boot! Side A is the original demo which sounds completely different from the version on the album in a good way. The B Side is a remix by Field Music which, though I've only played it three times, is surely to become my favorite song in the history of the universe. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating, but not by much. I was looking into getting a record player that records songs to mp3 format and if I do, you can be sure I'll upload these two tracks. They are absolutely mandatory listening for any fan of this band.

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shey said...

ahhhhh lucky. <3333