Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Over This

Bonde do Rolê

We all saw Bonde do Rolê back in April at Studio B and thought they were the shit and a half. Their return to Brooklyn was greatly anticipated and by far one of the biggest disappointments this year. These kids are clearly over their nightly American Apparel ad of a show. They still bring a ton of energy, but their vibe is negative where it once was carefree and fun. We left early. This was also my first visit to the brand spanking new Music Hall of Williamsburg (formerly Northsix). So wow, they did a lot of work on this place. Now all it needs is better music, cheaper drinks, and a crowd that doesn't shop at the Gap. A music venue cannot be built on cement and leather couches alone.


shey said...

there is nothing worse than going to see a group you love only to have them suck it up hardcore. i am angry on your behalf. i shall be writing my congressman about this.

Dreamer said...

This post rox.....keep it up!!!!!