Friday, September 14, 2007

Black Eyes

I just finished unpacking yesterday hence no blog. Last night, Jamie T elbowed me in the face. He beats up girls before every show for shits and giggles. The man is out of control! It's the second time I've been elbowed in the face this week. I didn't get a black eye which sucks because it hurts to get elbowed in the face and I have no proof of my pain. I do, however, have more bruises than an old banana on my arms and legs thanks to running down North 6th in heels at 3am and falling once, twice, three times a lady. I'm trying to normalize. Bare with me. Or bear with me.


shey said...

i was seriously about to have a flipping heart attack because i havent received a tiye update in a while. i am glad to know you are at least alive. i've been planning on winning the lottery and moving to new send me good vibes.

shesarejector said...

you are adorable. i just lol'ed.