Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Funny Things Said to Shey at 3am

I thought I would share some eloquent quotes from my drunken self...

"He thought we were dating, but we weren't...anyways at least he didn't like PENIS!"

"Now he's like a freakin rugby player...a bedazzled rugby player."

"He's so retarded. Please tell him I said that. No don't. ...He's going to grow up to be a pedophile. Please tell him that. No don't."

Those quotes are all about different people. I wonder if anyone other than Sarah would be able to guess who they were about. Good thing I don't have to contemplate that because Sarah's the only person who reads my blog! Good times.


shey said...

i read your blogs too! but i dont have to guess cos you were talking to me when you said these things and i know exactly who you were talking about =)

Brunette Baby said...

Haha! I am making some educated guesses :-)